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Breathe Easy with Fess Original Nasal Spray

Fess Original Nasal Spray effectively alleviates nasal congestion caused by colds, sinusitis, hay fever, and allergies. This non-medicated, saline solution keeps your nasal passages moist. It also thinks and clears excess mucus to help clear blocked noses due to colds and allergies.

Your nose acts as the first line of defence for your body by filtering particles from the air. Regular use of non-medicated Fess will also help keep your nose clear of excess mucus, allowing it to function at its best.

How to Use Fess Original Nasal Spray
Direct the nozzle into your right nostril. Aim slightly back and out towards the top of your right ear. Fully depress the pump. Repeat in the left nostril.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with your pharmacist or healthcare professional.


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