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Covid-19 Antiviral Medication

Getting COVID-19 medicine from our Pharmacy without a prescription.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms - Phone us to check your eligibility

You may be eligible to get COVID-19 antiviral medicines without a prescription from our pharmacy

  1. You have tested positive, OR

  2. You have COVID-19 symptoms in the last FIVE days AND are a Household contact of a positive case.

To be eligible you must also either be:

  • 75 years or older 

  • have had a previous admission to hospital as a result of COVID-19 

  • with sickle cell disease 

  • with very weakened immune system, 

  • with Down syndrome 

  • with a combination of several risk factors such as:

    • Māori or Pasifika ethnicity

    • having complex health needs or disability

    • not having completed the full COVID-19 vaccine course yet.

Read more about COVID-19 antivirals access criteria.  

If you have COVID-19 symptoms – DO NOT come into the pharmacy - Phone us to check your eligibility.

Phone: 07 3156251


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